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I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1951, and grew up in Donora, Pa. which proclaims itself to be the Home of Champions–in fact, it has produced two Hall of Famers in Stan Musial and Ken Griffey, Jr. as well as Griffey, Sr. who was a classmate and baseball teammate of mine at Donora High–although I mostly observed him from the bench. Donora also produced a running back, “Deacon” Dan Towler, who led the NFL in rushing and many other fine athletes.

I began writing for newspapers and magazines in 1978 then wrote my first book, Baseball Oddities, in 1998. I also taught English in middle school/junior high and senior high in Lorain, Ohio, until I retired in 2004. I have lived in Amherst, Ohio since 2012. I am married and have two sons and one grandson.

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