My TV Interviews, Book Signing, and More Trivia


    If you’d like to check out two of the TV interviews I did regarding some of my books, please go to:

You can then chose between two videos.

BOOK SIGNING: On September 15th, I will be signing copies of my two latest football books (see Home Page) at the Barnes and Noble store in Westlake, Ohio, at Crocker Park from 2:00-4:00.


Some interesting trivia from the book Baseball’s Bad Hops and Lucky Bounces by Mike Blake:

Quick Quiz: What three men formed a starting outfield for the longest stretch? Clue: the three men played in the NL and were together as starters for 8 seasons from 1956-1963. They won a pennant and their best player won a ton of batting crowns. Answer below.

Did You Know– Only two major leaguers have ever hit at least one home run as a teenager then also homered while in their 40s. The two men even had last names which rhymed: Ty Cobb and Rusty Staub.

Did You Know– The 1936 Yankees had more men who drove in 100 runs that season than any other team ever. Six Yanks led by Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio did this.

Did You Know that the worst major league team ever, based upon how many games they finished out of first place, was the Braves of 1906. They were a distant 66 1/2 games out of first (almost makes the 2018 Orioles look good–almost). The 1962 expansion Mets were 60 1/2 games behind the pennant winning Giants, but their WL% of .250 was pathetic– I believe it’s the worst of the modern era.

Did You Know that the worst lifetime hitter (based on 200+ at bats and based strictly upon the lowest batting average) was Ron Herbel, a pitcher with a career average of a nearly invisible .029. Meanwhile, the worst average for one season is owned by pitcher Bob Buhl who, in 1962, went hitless in 70 at bats! Also, the worst modern era pitcher for a single season, based only upon most defeats, was Vic Willis who lost 29 games.

ANSWER TO QUICK QUIZ: The Pirates outfield trio of Bob Skinner, LF; Bill Virdon, CF; and Roberto Clemente, RF.


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