College Football Trivia

I found some great stuff on college football from the book ESPN College Football Encyclopedia to share:

Not sure if he meant it ironically or humorously or not, but when the Oklahoma Sooners were in the midst of their 31-game winning streak from 1948-1950, the school’s president said, “We want to build a university the football team can be proud of.”

The Sooners once rattled off an even longer winning streak. From 1953-1957, they rattled off an incredible 47 consecutive wins.

Quiz item: Who wrote this famous line about Notre Dame? “Outlined against a blue, gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again.” Answer below.

Darrell Royal summed up football by saying, “Talk about X’s and O’s all you want, but most football games are won by angry people.”

Bear Bryant’s take on football was, “Offense wins games, defense wins titles.”

Quiz item: which of the famous Seven Blocks of Granite went on to become a legendary NFL coach?

Former USC coach John McKay once tried to put the game of football into a rational frame of reference, perhaps trying to calm his players down as they prepared for a clash versus number one ranked UCLA.  He told his squad, “Remember this, guys, No matter what happens today, there are 800 million Chinese who don’t give a damn.”

That reminded me of the time Dallas Cowboys running back Duane Thomas was being interviewed after the Super Bowl and said basically the same thing, diminishing the value of the sport which paid his salary while not exactly pleasing the TV people interviewing him and covering the Super Bowl.

Another time, when hearing an announcer refer to the Super Bowl as the ultimate game, Thomas shot back, “If the Super Bowl is the ultimate game, how come there is another one next year?”

Then there was the time Tom Brookshier interviewed Thomas after a 24-3 Super Bowl VI win by Dallas over Miami. Brookshier spoke of what Thomas had accomplished in the game and, if I recall, said something like, “Some people said you weren’t all that fast, but you sure looked like you had a lot of speed today.” Then he fed Thomas an ordinary, trite question that should have evoked an answer such as, “Well, I try to get the job done,” or some such simple answer. What the announcer asked Thomas was, “Are you that fast?” Thomas answer was simple, all right. He replied, “Evidently.” That silenced Brookshier. What else was there to be said?!

Last question: What college features an end zone painted like a checker board?

Answers: 1st question–Grantland Rice  2nd question–Vince Lombardi   3rd question–Tennessee

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