Jan. 2019 Quiz and More

Mixed Quiz:

1. This coach was hired by Indiana State just four days before practices began in 1978, just in time for Larry Bird’s senior season. Although he would be fired after the 1981-1982 season, this former golf coach at a small college made it to the Final Four to face Magic Johnson & Co.  After he was fired, he became an insurance agent, a teacher, and, for six years, a basketball coach at Mercer Univ. Who is he?

2. T or F: Cy Young is one of the original members of the Hall of Fame.

3. An ESPN college basketball publication mentioned several programs which weren’t highly touted but somehow obtained a superstar. For Indiana State they mentioned, of course, Bird. Who did they mention for St. Bonaventure and for Jacksonville in 1970?

4. Guess within three years either way– what year did this Rose Bowl take place: it was the one which featured Texas star Vince Young versus USC with Matt Leinart throwing for 365 and LenDale White running for 124 yards and three TDs. Young scored the game-winning TD to make the final score 41-38.

5. What Dallas Cowboy receiver from long ago was billed as the World’s Fastest Human.


1. Bill Hodges

2. False. Only five players became charter members of the Hall: Mathewson, W. Johnson, Ruth, Cobb, and Wagner.

3. St. Bonnie’s star was Bob Lanier and Artis Gilmore was the big gun for Jacksonville. The two teams met in the Final Four but, according to one publication, neither team has won a game in the big tourney since. Through 2008 data, those two schools were the second and third smallest ones to make it to the Final Four–Holy Cross was the smallest one to do so. The Bonnies were 25-1 when they took on Jacksonville, then 26-1.

4. That Rose Bowl game was held in 2006.

5. Bob Hayes, an Olympic runner who set world’s speed records.


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