Feb. Items

ODDITY: When the Cleveland Indians had to forfeit a 1974 contest due to the mayhem which broke out during their “Beer Night” promotion, their opponent, Texas, had Fritz Peterson on the hill as their starting pitcher. Now, the last time an American League game was forfeited prior to the Cleveland debacle was when the old Washington Senators faced the Yankees on September 30, 1971. In that contest the Yanks had Mike Kekich as their starter.

Peterson and Kekich were linked by another infamous occurrence when they swapped wives and the rest of their family (including, I believe, their dogs). Another minor oddity about the two men–they were teammates with the Yankees and later both were traded to the Indians and to the Rangers (although they weren’t teammates again–good thing!).

Forfeits are very rare. In fact, before the 1971 forfeit by the Senators, the last forfeited game also featured the Senators (against the Red Sox) and that game took place way back in 1941.

QUIZ: Which Yankee pitcher has the lowest ERA ever in the history of OLD Yankee Stadium, a record which will stand forever since that park is now gone. Your choices: Kekich, Peterson, Ruth, Ford, Sabathia, Guidry. Remember this is only based on all-time home games–games pitched by Bronx Bomber hurlers in old Yankee Stadium. (answer at bottom of blog).

DUKE ITEM: Having two freshmen who both average 20 or more ppg. on a Division I team is something special and it may happen this year with the top contenders to do this being Zion Williamson and R. J. Barrett. As of this writing, Barrett’s average is at 23.6 while Williamson is good for exactly 22 ppg.

DODGERS ITEM: Last season not one Dodger threw 162 innings, the minimum amount of innings required for a pitcher to qualify for league leadership in stats such as ERA. Clayton Kershaw came tantalizingly close at 161 1/3, just two outs shy of the 161 IP level.

The Dodgers became the first team ever to make it to postseason play without a single pitcher reaching 161 (or more) innings pitched.

Kershaw’s 2.39 ERA ranks first among all active pitchers and is 27th all-time. Had he have pitched an extra 2/3 of an inning in 2018, he would have had the fourth best ERA in the N.L.

QUIZ ANSWER: According to a book Peterson wrote, he holds that distinction at 2.52, just ahead of Ford (2.55) and Ruth.


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