Modest Stan the Man

Stan Musial was a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), a group many baseball fans and members of the media also belong to. I was a member and as such was provided with a phone directory of other members. The people who put the directory together sent out a form requesting our names, jobs, phone numbers, address, and areas of baseball expertise.

Musial’s entry listed his address unlike some famous people who did not submit, for example, their address or phone number. However, Musial always was a man of the people and a great supporter of his fans. For occupation, he modestly wrote “retired.”

I gave a little laugh when I came to what he wrote for his area of expertise. First, realize that almost everyone listed something like, “I specialize in old ballparks,” or “Negro Leagues,” or “New York Yankees.” What Musial wrote for his area of expertise was, “Hitting a baseball.” How true!

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