Top 100 Baseball Players

This is from an old magazine I came across. The article which featured a list of the 100 greatest baseball players of all-time through 1999, had a great trivia item: Ty Cobb had a lifetime batting average of .367. Now, in the entire 20th century only eight players ever enjoyed seasons with an average higher than .367. So, it was nearly impossible for stars to top .367 in one year, yet Cobb averaged that for his long (1905-1928) career! Some of the men who did exceed .367 in a season were Ted Williams, George Brett, Tony Gwynn, George Sisler, and Bill Terry. Here’s a link to a great web site, my very favorite, and their list of the highest batting averages ever:

The magazine’s top 100 had Ruth at the top followed by Gehrig, Ted Williams, Aaron, then Donor’a Stan Musial in the #5 slot. Number six was DiMaggio (I know he was great, but I think he was somewhat overrated, probably due to the New York City bias in the media–remember they’re the ones who contend Bobby Thomson’s pennant-winning homer was more significant than Maz’s homer which won a World Series).

Cobb came in seventh, then Mays, Hornsby, and, to wrap up the Top 10, Honus Wagner.

BONUS TRIVIA ITEM:  From a 1990 item in The Sporting News– Minnie Minoso, then 67, was working out and playing in some Old-Timers games. His goal was to play for at least one at bat in a big league game in order to become the only man ever to play in the majors in six different decades. He stated that he was earning $1,000 for each Old-Timers games he attended. “By playing seven games a year,” he observed, “I make as much playing baseball now as I did in 1951 as a rookie.”

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