Howard Cosell & deGrom item

One last deGrom stat that I found noteworthy from 2018. Yes, he ended his Cy Young season at 10-9, but did you know the Mets record in his 32 starts was 14-18? I know there are many reasons for that such as poor run support and I know he DID have some incredible stats, but I still have a hard time with a CYA winner with 10 wins!

Do you recall the time Howard Cosell was working a Monday Night Baseball game in 1977 and suddenly the audience could clearly hear a voice saying, “Howard, the entire state of Texas hates you,” and “You stink, Howard [or was it Howie].” It turned out the voice was coming from a 16-year-old batboy who was near a live microphone on or near the field. He claimed he didn’t know his comments would be heard on TV. The youngster was earning $8 per game. He was also suspended for his actions–even though so many of us thought he was correct.

Cosell was woefully lacking in baseball knowledge. One day the Phils were trailing by, I believe it was, three runs late in the game with slugger Mike Schmidt at the plate and two men on. The count ran to 2-0 or 3-0 and Schmidt took a big cut prompting Cosell to say he just couldn’t believe a batter wouldn’t be taking in that situation! Schmidt saw a pitch he felt he could drive–maybe even far enough to tie the game up with one swing–and he took that chance. After all, how many chances were the Phillies going to get to come back in that game and here’s your top power man at the plate awaiting a pitch that just might be grooved to him. You can bet he had a green light if the pitch was to his liking, but Cosell, with his limited knowledge, didn’t see it.

I recall another time Johnny Bench got fooled on a pitch and swung late, making just enough contact to hit the ball into the opposite field for a weak single. Cosell bellowed out something like, “Look at Bench. What a hitter. He purposely went with the pitch and guided it into right field.” It all makes me wonder just how many good sports fans really liked him? Did you?


2 thoughts on “Howard Cosell & deGrom item”

  1. Could not stand Cosell in baseball … football… boxing…. anything… know it all who knew nothing…the current equivalent to me….as far as being annoying….even though he is knowledgeable about basketball…is dick Vitale…when he’s announcing a game I want to see I mite the sound after about three minutes


    1. You are so right. I go one step further: I mute the sound for the entire game. Only un-mute it if something I need more info on like I see a player get injured and wonder about his status or some such thing. On the other hand, there have been some great ones like Scully, Harwell, Jon Miller, Enberg. did you like Bob Prince or not? the best for b.ball may be Mike Patrick but he retired. i do like Dan Shulman a lot. of course a lot of it is simply a matter of personal taste. I actually know two good baseball fans who shocked me by saying they couldn’t tolerate Scully! other than that, they really were pretty good fans and pretty knowledgable.


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