Big Red Machine’s Underrated Cog: Griffey Sr.

The MLB network selected their greatest teams ever based on what they accomplished in one season. The #1 team was the Yankees of 1998–that team won 114 games and was stacked with talent.

However, being from Donora, Pa. (and knowing many followers of this site are from there), I thought it was worth sharing that the Reds of ’75 (they won 108 games, most in their league since 1909) came in second and that Donora’s Ken Griffey Sr. was highly instrumental in that success.

Only Pete Rose and Joe Morgan scored more runs than Griffey’s 95 (#6 in the NL) and he hit .305 that season as well. He stole 16 bases, ripped 9 triples (#6 in the league), and his on-base percentage, which was nearly .400, was the tenth best in the NL (the next year he jumped up to the fourth highest OB% in his league). Plus, he did all of that in just 132 games at the age of 25, and in his first full season in the majors.

He was so durable and skilled, he lasted until 1991–and in his final two seasons only four players were older than him. Frankly, some of the stats I examined were a surprise to me–for example, I never realized he finished so high in on-base percentage or that one season his on-base percentage plus slugging placed him in the #7 slot in the entire NL!

To see all of his stats and how he ranked among league leaders (and more), go to:

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