Al McGuire’s Greatest Players

From a 1984 Inside Sports magazine: Al McGuire picked his “Blue Chippers” teams including his All-Americans. His all-time All-American was Oscar Robertson and his five for the ’84 draft featured just one senior Kevin Magee. He rounded out his picks with Sam Bowie, Terry Cummings, Ralph Sampson, and James Worthy.

His All-Blur team: all-time pick was Calvin Murphy. The ’84 selections included Dwight Anderson and Rocket Foster. How many of the men mentioned so far have you remembered vividly?

All-Radar: all-time best shooter was Rick Mount; others included Trent Tucker, Byron Scott, Quintin Dailey, and Randy Wittman.

All-Slam-Jam-in-Your Face: all-time pick was Bill Russell. Also on the list were Sam Perkins, LaSalle Thompson, and Dominique Wilkins. By the way, McGuire had a rule that no man could be on more than one list.

His all-time power forward was Larry Bird. His ’84 picks included Antoine Carr, Michael Cage, and Clark Kellogg.

All-time take charge guy: Bob Cousy. From ’84–Sleepy Floyd, John Paxson, and Doc Rivers

Best freshman ever was Magic Johnson. From ’84–Pat Ewing and Michael Jordan.

He had some dubious picks for ’84 first-round NBA picks such as Kevin Magee, Fred Roberts, Darren Tillis, Corny Thompson, Rory White, and Alvis Rogers. I’ll be honest, I can’t recall most of those men.

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