1960 Pirates

I’m currently wrapping up a book I hope will come out next year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of what may well be the most stunning upset in World Series play–if it’s not that, it was certainly the most lopsided Series, even if the lopsided scores (and crazy statistics/records) went in favor of the losing team, the Yankees.

If, by any chance, you have a good story or any info about that season, any of the players involved, etc. let me know and I’ll consider using it in the book (although, to give you fair warning, there’s not much room left for such material).

Here’s a quick tidbit that will be in the book from some research and an interview I did with a baseball expert/author:

Rich Westcott said, “A lot of people think Murtaugh should be in the Hall of Fame. Danny was nothing spectacular as a player—he did lead the league in stolen bases one year—but people regard him very highly.” His winning percentage of .540 is higher than 11 of the 22 managers in the Hall and it’s tied with Leo Durocher. It is also better than Casey Stengel’s .508 and way better than Connie Mack’s .486 (only he and Bucky Harris are in Cooperstown with a percentage below .500).

I was surprised to learn that two managers in the Hall lost more games than they won yet got honored for their longevity and/or ability to win some World Series. Harris, who won three championships, won his first as a rookie player/manager while Mack, a man whose teams often were either great or lousy, won five championships. For the record, Murtaugh, who spent four stints with the Pirates (and no other club), won two.

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