Did You Know: Lucas Giolito

White Sox All-Star pitcher Lucas Giolito has some interesting side stories to his career. First of all, in a strange statistical situation, in 2018, he went 10-13 with a sky high ERA of 6.13 which was the worst among all major league pitchers who qualified for the ERA title (requiring 161 or more innings pitched). He also gave up more walks, 90, and more earned runs than any other A.L. pitcher.

In 2019, he was 11-5 through his first 21 starts, and, as of this writing (on September 12th) he’s at 14 wins with a 3.27 ERA and 216 K’s. He won Pitcher of the Month honors in May when he had six starts and went 5-0 with a tiny ERA of 1.74. He became the first player in MLB history to go from having the league’s worst ERA to making the All-Star squad the next season.

In the Sept./Oct. issue of Baseball Digest, writer John Perrotto mentioned Giolito’s family connection to the world of acting. His grandfather, Warren Frost, played the father of George Costanza’s fiancé, Susan, in the TV show Seinfeld. His mother, Laura Frost, has appeared in several movies such as The Ring and Collateral Damage and she was in several episodes of Frazier, Crossing Jordan, and Bull. His father Rick acted in Who’s the Boss and Hunter and was in the movie Hit the Dutchman. That’s not all. His brother Mark was the co-creator of TV’s Twin Peaks and another brother, Scott, wrote for Twin Peaks and for Andromeda.

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