Baseball Pet Peeves

FIRST COMPLAINT: Is anyone else bothered when one of the former baseball players whose name was linked to cheating by using PEDs gets rewarded by getting a job in the world of baseball, a world he helped taint? Off the top of my head I can think of the following former players who were hired as coaches: Manny Ramirez, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and there has been speculation that Jason Giambi will join that group. Andy Pettitte got a job as a special adviser to the Yankees general manager in Feb. of 2019.

Of course, many other players who got caught, served their punishment but only after their inflated stats had earned them huge contracts. Why not take a chance I’ll get caught if a) I might not get caught  b) I can put up big numbers  and c) ultimately I already made or will make a bundle of loot thanks to PEDs so it’s worth it.

Other men who were rewarded with jobs include FOX analyst Alex Rodriguez. I’ll never understand why anyone would hire someone who tarnished baseball as these cheaters did. Of course, FOX also hired Pete Rose, but that’s another story.

SECOND ISSUE: I’m not big on the stats young members of the BBWAA seem to love now so I have to complain about the kind of stats put up by some Cy Young Award winners. Go back to Felix Hernandez or stick with the NL winner over the last two years, Jacob deGrom. In his case, his wins total is incredible.

Bob Feller used to say he didn’t care about any stat but one, the most important one, WINS. He’d cruise a bit when he had a big lead, unconcerned that his ERA would suffer. He wanted to stick it out for nine innings and allow his fate to be in his hands as he secured win after win after win.

Now, over the two seasons de Grom has won the award, he has put up some incredible numbers, BUT his two-year win total is a mere 21. That’s right. He’s 21-17 over that span, hardly a big boost to his team. It may or may not be fair, but look at what men such as Steve Carlton did in ONE YEAR. “Lefty” went 27-10 in ’72 when his entire Phillies team won just 59. That’s pretty close to being responsible for half of his team’s wins. One more example. When Sandy Koufax won his last two Cy Young Awards in 1965 and 1966, he won 53 times, 2 1/2 times as many as de Grom.

Of course if you go back to real old-timers, the contrast is even more startling. I chose one pitcher off the top of my head and glanced at his best two and three consecutive seasons for wins. Grover Alexander won 64 in back-to-back seasons and his highest win total over a three-year stretch was 94. That means to match him, in 2020, de Grom only needs to win 73 games!

If you agree or disagree with my two complaints, please make a comment on  Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Baseball Pet Peeves”

  1. Wayne…… without a doubt I agree with you…the list of pitchers who had more complete games than …ahem…all star pitchers and cy young award winners in our current state of baseball….should be embarrassing to modern day staffs….but it’s not…nor do I think it will be


  2. You are absolutely correct. Why reward bad eggs when there are so many good role models for the sports? My biggest pet peeve isn’t about a baseball player… it’s about Fox hiring the dog killer, Michael Vick. That was truly a disgusting move.


  3. I agree totally on your first complaint . Second one not at all . It’s very much easier to pitch with a six run lead then being one run behind . Earn run average and innings pitched for starters are to me the most important stats for me not wins . Prime example Yankees starters this year won many games but they were supplied with 5-6-7 runs a game by the offense. And I don’t believe the Yankee starters were that good of pitchers to begin with just being supplied with much offense . Of course this is only my opinion .


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