April Sports Diversions

With no sports being played now, let’s hope these items will provide fans with a temporary fix. It’s trivia time.

I saw an item that stated on March 8, 1954, the NBA held what remains as the only doubleheader involving the same two teams. The Milwaukee Hawks swept the Baltimore Bullets. I didn’t recall the Hawks of Milwaukee, but I do remember Baltimore’s old nickname.

I’m either real slow on the draw or I simply never heard this story when watching and reading about the NFL back when Jim Otto was playing. Either way, when I first read the explanation of why he wore jersey number “00” it finally hit me. That number can be read as “double zero,” “double ought,” “ought-zero,” OR as “ought-oh,” which is, of course, the same pronunciation as Otto.

I do recall an oddity when Jim Zorn was Seattle’s quarterback. Don’t recall his center’s name, but both Zorn and the center were left-handed. Has that happened at any other time?

Proof that Howard Cosell was often wrong in his assessments of things. He once said, “O.J. Simpson is a kind man, a thoughtful man, and a sensitive man.” I know quite a few people who vehemently disagree.

Praise for one of my old-time favorites, John Mackey: Author Kevin Cook wrote that when Mackey broke in, a tight end was simply considered to be another offensive lineman, there to block. “Mackey was big for his time,” Cook added, “six-two and 224, and faster than another tight end had ever been.” Kinda’ reminds me of another guy I liked to watch, the speedy 6′ 2″, 215 pound Homer Jones of the Giants. Of course, he was listed as both a TE and, more often, as a SE. Explosive, he scored on long TDs of 98, 89, and 84 yards and peaked one year with 13 TDs. Still, Mackey lasted longer and, deservedly, did wind up in the Hall.

If I am remember correctly, Mike Ditka was the first TE voted into the Hall of Fame and he commented that he couldn’t believe Mackey hadn’t already been inducted. at that time.

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