Update to Greenberg Snub

Just in case you thought Foxx and Gehrig had stats comparable to Greenberg and so deserved an All-Star spot over him, consider this:

Greenberg  55 extra base hits   25 HR   103 RBI   .317 batting   1.062 OPS

Foxx             28 XBH                      13 HR    50 RBI    .313                  1.007

Gehrig          25 XBH                      11 HR    51 RBI   .320                     .975

Three all-time greats, but Greenberg clearly had the better stats yet, as mentioned, his own manager overlooked him when naming the ’35 All-Star squad.

CARE TO COMMENT? If you have strong feelings on this baseball season please feel free to make a comment on this site. Is it a farce? Should the season even have begun? Is this year’s champ a legit champ? If someone breaks a record or, say, hits .400, does it count to you? Do you simply feel that, “Hey, some baseball in any form is better than no season at all.”

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