Bryan Reynolds, New Daddy; Stan Musial, Always THE Man; and Lou, the Iron Horse

REYNOLDS: While I’m old school and dislike pre-planned, excessive on-field celebrations/demonstrations, I like what Bryan Reynolds did on Sept. 3, 2020. He had returned to the Pirates after being on the paternity list for the birth of his first child. He doubled and hit a three-run homer and celebrated by pretending to rock a baby to sleep.

Contrast that to what Prince Fielder once did. As I recall, he had instructed his teammates to cluster around home plate the next time he hit a dramatic home run and then wait for him to ceremoniously stomp on the plate. When he did that, his teammates fell over backwards as if Fielder’s leaping onto home plate was equivalent to the plunging of a detonator, setting off an explosion. That was too much for this old school baseball fan to accept.

MUSIAL: I came across a new trivia item about Stan the Man that I had never heard of before. I saw a list of the top 10 batters for each decade based upon most hits. For example, Pittsburgh’s Honus Wagner had more hits from 1900-1909 than any other big leaguer. The most hits over one decade was 2,085 by Rogers Hornsby in the Twenties, 40 more than the only other man to top 2,000 hits in a given decade, Pete Rose.

Now, I haven’t double checked the list, but if I didn’t make a mistake, Musial is the ONLY man to be in the top ten for two decades. In the 1940’s, his hit total ranked fourth in MLB and in the Fifties he held down the #3 slot on the list.

LOU GEHRIG: In the history of baseball through 1978 only Hornsby, Chuck Klein, Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, and Gehrig ever had two or more seasons which including 200+ hits and 40 or more HR. Hornsby, Foxx, and Klein achieved this twice; Ruth three times, but the Iron Horse managed this feat a remarkable five times! Meanwhile, I read that Lloyd Waner once compiled 223 hits in a season and all but 25 were singles, good for an incredible modern era record 198 singles. That mark has been broken twice by Ichiro with a high water mark of 225 singles of 262 hits in 2004.

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