College B.Ball Dec. 2020 Blog

Items from ESPN College Basketball Encyclopedia with all info, stats, and records through the date of that book’s publication, 2009.


  1. I’m the only player to start in four straight NCAA Final Fours (my team won it all twice) and I was the 1992 Player of the Year.
  2. I was the POY three times and averaged a double-double in each of my four seasons as an ACC center.
  3. Within 2 points, what was Michael Jordan’s career points per game average?
  4. This former Bullet and Knick averaged an amazing 41.5 ppg. as a senior and, though a guard, had a FG% that season on 60.7. True, he didn’t exactly play at a college hoop factory, but he’s an all-time great.
  5. This star grew from 6′ 4″ to 7′ 1″ during his career. He was a POY in the 80s and holds the NCAA record for block shots in a season.
  6. This POY in the 70s set NCAA tournament records for career scoring average at 41.3 and for a single season when he erupted for 52.7 ppg. one year–the same year he set the mark with 61 points in a single game.
  7. This star actually was a very talented baton twirler, but is best known for his scoring. Despite standing only 5′ 9″, he scored 33.1 ppg. for his career with a high once of 38.2 in the 60s.
  8. It’s written that this man is one of just five men to average a 20-20 for his college career. However, he never played in the NCAA tournament and, due to the rules in effect during his tenure in a New England college, he never dunked in a game–he’d make up for that later.
  9. This left-handed guard was the first Maryland player to start four years in a row. He was the ACC Athlete of the Year in the mid-70s as he was an All-American in b.ball AND tennis.
  10. Within two points, how many points per game did Lew Alcindor average at UCLA for his career. ANSWERS: 1. Christian Laettner 2. Ralph Sampson 3. 17.7 ppg. An old trivia question asked, “Who is the only man to hold Jordan to under 20 ppg.?” The silly, tricky answer was his UNC coach Dean Smith. 4. Earl The Pearl Monroe 5. David Robinson 6. Austin Carr 7. Calvin Murphy 8. Julius Erving 9. John Lucas 10. Alcindor’s average: 26.4 ppg.

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