Last Blog Dec. 2020

There’s a very good chance that this will be my last blog. So, if you stop getting notifications about new blogs, that’s why—thought you might want to know.

Quick Quiz: Name either of these two men who share the fact that their last names are also names of common fruits. a) He began his career as an infielder then became a Hall of Fame pitcher. He was a huge part of the success of the Cleveland Indians pennant winning 1948 and 1954 seasons, winning 20 then 23 games respectively in those years. Years later another man with the same last name made it to the majors–his first name was Chet. b) This man’s last name is also the same at that of a bruise players often get after sliding. Boston fans chanted his name to get under his skin.

If you’re looking for a good sports-related gift for someone special, someone who loves sports, my books are available online in places such as Amazon, but I’ve also put some of my titles on eBay because if you buy from me, through eBay, I will personalize a message for you. Some people have asked me to sign the book and add messages such as To Dad, from _____ with love on Christmas 2020.

For all my friends/readers from Pennsylvania, I strongly recommend my book which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Pirates stunning World Series win over the Yankees. The book is entitled 1960: When the Pittsburgh Pirates Had Them All the Way.

I’ve been a guest on several podcasts such as Rum Bunters to promote the book, and I think it is special mainly because I was able to interview virtually every living Pirate from that team–and because of this: What a season that was! It’s a good way to re-live that magical year.

For those who enjoy the rich humor of baseball, there’s the 2020 release Wits, Flakes, and Clowns: The Colorful Characters of Baseball

Quiz Answers: Bob Lemon and Darryl Strawberry

Final note: If this is the final blog, thanks to those who followed my quizzes, stories, and opinions over the last few years!

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