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I’m not a big believer in some of the newer stats such as WAR. It’s a tool, but it can be flawed. In the Jan./Feb. 2020 issue of Baseball Digest there’s an example of that. Jim Leyland was managing the Tigers when Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown in 2012, the first such winner since Yaz in ’67. One version of WAR that season had Darwin Barney (a name which most fans would react to by saying, “Who?”) with a better WAR rating than Cabrera! Defense was a factor, but, come on– Cabrera hit .330, blasted 44 HR and drove home 119 while Barney hit .254 with a mere 7 HR and 44 ribbies! Leyland clearly saw a huge flaw in WAR.

That same issue of BBD listed the top players for the 2010-2019 decade. Cabrera led the way with a .317 batting average to Jose Altuve’s (tainted?) .315 mark. Who topped all players for: Homers, RBI, Wins, K’s, and ERA? Answers below image. Scroll down.

Here’s a good look at the cover of the new book on the amazing 1960 Pirates–hard to believe their incredible win over the Yankees in the wild World Series happened 60 years ago! This book is only on sale through Amazon. It was endorsed by Vern Law and Ken Griffey, Sr.

1960 Pirates Cover

Most HR: Nelson Cruz, 346. RBI: Albert Pujols, 963. Wins: Max Scherzer, 161, Strikeouts: Scherzer, 2,452. ERA: Clayton Kershaw, 2.31.

The book The Last Headbangers states that only one man has made All-Pro at three different positions. Can you name him? Answer at bottom of this blog.

Stupid trick question: I love the challenge of a good trivia question and detest these kinds of items– What was the first score Terry Bradshaw ever recorded? Don’t waste time guessing–his first score was, technically, I guess, a safety when he stepped on the end line of his end zone during his NFL debut. That prompted Chuck Noll to replace him in that game with Terry Hanratty.

Bradshaw had it rough at first. As a rookie, he completes just 83 of 218 passes and had six TD strikes versus a whopping 24 interceptions. One book I read stated that when Pittsburgh punter Bobby Walden got hurt in the final game of Bradshaw’s rookie season, Noll punished Bradshaw by inserting him into the contest to punt. The punt was blocked and returned for a score. Even after his second season, he owned 19 TDs through the air and a staggering 46 interceptions, something most fans have long forgotten. Four Super Bowl wins later and he’s a Hall of Famer. By the way, as a trivia note, I found eight men named Bradshaw who played in the NFL.

Frank Gifford was an All Pro at three positions.


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